Our Customers

URSA – Providing Professional Information Technology Development Services

We expert in developing and operating Website systems, business administration systems and portfolio website.


Showcase the development skills of our developers. We are experienced, energetic and work seriously.
We will throughout any challenges to achieve a success.

Frontend Development

ReactJS, VueJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript,…

Backend Development

NodeJS, PHP, Java Spring Boot, Java Spring + Hibernate,…


AMAZON Web Services

EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch,…


Business Process

ERP, CRM, Game Server, Machine’s State Management,…

Best choice

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

PM (Project Manager), BrSE(Bridge Software Engineer), Communicator are working at Our Company in Vietnam, and communicating with you through Chat Tools

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Onsite/Offshore Development Center (OODC)

  1. We provide the on-site members.
  2. They participate in development process at your company.
  3. They connect and exchange information between you and Vietnam offshore team.
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On-site Customer (OSC)

  1. Customer’s PM resides and works at Vietnam.
  2. BrSE or Communicator always available to exchange information.
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Why URSA JSC is a reliable partner?

We always ready to consult and support when you needed

We always consider carefully before providing the most appropriate and effective solution to the customer’s problems.