Our Workflow

We had working on the below workflow.


We offer a wide range of services, from new construction to current adaptations. First of all, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Suggestions And Negotiations

We provide the solutions to the customer’s difficulties or requirements. In addition, we will display the consumer the sample that corresponds with it.

Quotation and Contract

We estimate the amount of work required to complete the project before preparing and submitting a quotation to the customer. If our proposal is acceptable, we will sign a new contract.

Requirement Specification
And Basic Design

We gather the relevant information for the specified project and generate the software requirement specification, after which we create the fundamental design documentations such as Database Design, API Design, and so on

UI/UX Design (Optional)

If the customer hasn’t UI/UX design, we will provide the UI/UX design that’s suitable with the specified project.


Based on the fundamental concept, the project managers will cooperate to carry out the detailed design, which will subsequently be executed by the programmers (write the code).


Finally, the project will be tested while it is running on the test server. We will test the entire system to ensure that the screen transitions (screen streams) and functionalities work properly.


Deploying the product to the server is the final stage in the software development process. At this moment, the product is finished and ready for launch.

Operation and maintenance

The project will proceed to the operation and warranty procedure after the completion of the development process. We assist customers in resolving issues that arise during operation and in upgrading software as needed.